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Ultrakit v5 write blocker
ultrakit with forensic imager tx1

Ultimate Tools for

Forensic Success

Digital forensic investigations begin by gathering evidence from a wide range of modern and legacy storage devices. To ensure preparedness for any forensic acquisition scenario, Digital Intelligence offers the comprehensive UltraBlock forensic bridges. These UltraBlocks are meticulously engineered to consistently deliver exceptional imaging speed within a user-friendly and durable design.

For situations where space is limited, consider the Digital Intelligence UltraBay 4P ("Portable"). This robust solution supports forensic data acquisition across a variety of storage devices, including SATA, SAS, USB 3, PCIe, FireWire, and IDE. Designed for both field and lab environments, the UltraBay 4P offers the impressive performance of the UltraBay in a compact, fan-ventilated, aluminum enclosure

Compact Powerhouse

Security and Convenience

Simplify the process of forensic data acquisitions with Digital Intelligence's UltraBlock write blockers. These devices establish a secure forensic connection between the host computer and the suspect storage device. Featuring native I/O tailored to specific storage media and SuperSpeed USB 3 host connections, UltraBlocks streamline data collection, making it fast, effective, and straightforward.

ultrakit with forensic imager tx1
Ultrakit write blocker

UltraKit v5

UltraKit v5 + TX1

Super Imager

forensic super imager
Forensic imager TX1

Forensic Imager TX1

Forensic duplicator td4

Forensic Duplicator TD4

VPER Kit with 
Forensic Imager

VPER Kit with Forensic Imager tx1

UltraKit v5 + TD4

Ultrakit with TD4 write blocker
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