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vper kit with tx1

The UltraKit v5 + TX1 stands as the ultimate portable solution for forensic imaging needs. Contained within this package are the widely favored UltraBlock hardware write blockers, the TX1 Forensic Imager, a variety of adapters, power supplies, and cables. These components collectively facilitate the secure acquisition of forensically valid images from a diverse range of sources, including hard drives, flash drives, network fileshares, and unconventional device formats. 

UltraKit v5 + TX1
Forensic Imager

The combination of reliable hardware and intuitive software ensures efficient imaging processes, reducing the time required for data acquisition.

The imager supports a variety of output options, allowing acquired images to be saved to different storage mediums or file formats as needed.

vper kit with tx1

Efficiency and 
Versatile Outputs

UltraKit v5 + TX1 Specifications

IDE connectivity for small form factor drives can be added

Updrade includes:
2.5" IDE drive adapter
1.8" IDE drive adapter
ZIF drive adapter
IDE cable (2")
ZIF cables

(upgrade option)

UltraBlock FireWire
(upgrade option)

UltraBlock FireWire can be added or subsituted for another UltraBlock

Upgrade includes:
TDA7-9 PCIe Adapter for FireWire
9p - 9p cable
6p - 6p cable

UltraBlock SATA/IDE, UltraBlock PCIe, UltraBlock USB3

UltraBlock SAS can be added or substituted for another UltraBlock

Upgrade includes:
UltraBlock SAS write blocker
SAS Unified Power & Signal Cable


UltraBlock SAS
(upgrade option)

Tableau TX1

Forensic Imager

UltraBlock Forensic Card Reader

Media Reader

USB 3 (2x)
PCIe (8")
IDE (8")
SATA signal
Unified SAS/SATA (4x)
3M to Molex Power (2x)
3M to SATA Power


13.6 kg

Kit Weight w/Case

23" x 19" x 11"
(58cm x 48cm x 28cm)

Case Dimensions

Watertight, crush proof, dust proof
Rollable, wheeled, stainless bearings, retractable handle

Case Features

UltraBlock TP2 (2x)
Tableau TP6

Power Supply

TDA7-1 SSD Card
TDA7-2 M.2 SSD
TDA7-3 Apple SSD

TDA7-4 U.2 Cable Adapter
TDA7-7 PCIe SSD Apple 2016+


Cables and Adapters
(upgrade option)

Storage Enclosure

3.5" or 2.5" SATA HDD (module TX1-S1)

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