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Cloud Forensics

Cloud Computing has revolutionized the way organisations store and manage data, allowing them to access, share and collaborate on information from any device, anywhere and at any time. But as more companies move their data to the cloud, it also raises obstacles when it comes to forensic investigations. The distributed nature of cloud computing is one of the significant barriers faced by cloud forensics. Evidence may be retained on various servers in multiple locations under the management of various entities. This makes it challenging to compile and evaluate evidence quickly and effectively. All in all, Cloud Forensics is a complex and challenging area, yet essential for organisations and law enforcement agencies to understand it and use the appropriate tools and techniques to facilitate investigation involving cloud environment. With rapid growth of cloud adoption in both public and private sectors, organizations should also consider incorporating cloud forensics into their incident response and digital forensics policies and procedures. Our Company is an exceptional and reliable solutions for those seeking to delve into the depths of cloud-based investigations, providing expert guidance, cutting-edge technology and unmatched support to uncover vital evidence and ensure the most comprehensive and precise outcomes. 

Cloud forensics
Magnet Axiom Cloud Forensics

Examine open-source and user account data from cloud sources: Google, WhatsApp, and more

Cloud forensics
E3 Forensic Platform

Cloud data has become an increasing problem in digital forensics with traditional collection techniques not working. Paraben’s approach to the cloud allows for the best possible collection options and practices while maintaining the evidence.

Cloud forensics
X1 Enterprise Collect Platform

X1's suite of solution enable organizations to search and collect data in place, across an array of data source including MS365, Cloud repositories, laptops, desktops, network file shares, social media and etc...

Cloud forensics
XRY Cloud

XRY Cloud recovers data beyond the mobile device itself from connected cloud based storage by using the tokens on mobile devices that enable apps to function without the need for users to re-enter their login details.

Cloud forensics
F-Response Enterprise

F-Response includes support for collecting file and folder content from a large number of remote cloud storage platforms, the full list is provided below in the F-Response Supports section.

Cloud forensics
UFED Cloud Analyzer

Collect, preserve and analyze public and private-domain, social-media data, instant messaging, file storage, web pages, and other cloud-based content.

Cloud forensics
MOBILedit Cloud Forensic 

Phone forensics is extremely important, but what is stored in a mobile device is only a snapshot of the overall data. The evidence found in clouds, message platforms, and social networks brings a complete insight into a person's life.

Cloud forensics
Elcomsoft Cloud eXplorer

Extract everything from your Google Account. Download users’ location history, files and documents, Contacts, Hangouts Messages, Google Keep, Chrome browsing history, search history and page transitions, Calendars, images, and a lot more.

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