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Password / Decryption Tools

In the present Digital Era, passwords play a major role in securing personal and sensitive information and online accounts. With the rising number of Cyberattacks and Information Breaks, secret word insurance has become a pivotal part of computerized stage. Passwords are usually encrypted to prevent unauthorized access. However, there are situations where forensic experts need to access this encrypted information, such as in a criminal investigation or when trying to recover lost data. In these cases, password decryption tools come in handy. 

Forensic experts use password decryption tools to crack encrypted passwords or retrieve lost passwords. These tools can be used on both local and remote systems, and they can help access data that would otherwise be lost or unavailable. There are several types of password decryption tools, including brute force decryption, dictionary attacks, and rainbow table decryption. Password decryption tools play a critical role in Forensic Investigations and Data Recovery. They provide Forensic Experts with access to encrypted Information and help in retrieving lost passwords. 

Our Cyint Technologies provides Forensic Experts with the tools they need to access Encrypted Data in a timely and reliable manner with range of password decryption tools, including brute force, dictionary, and rainbow table decryption methods, to cater to different needs and requirements with fast and accurate results that help forensic experts uncover critical information. 

Passware Kit Forensic

​Find. Decrypt. Open.
The world leader in encrypted electronic evidence discovery and decryption.


Comino - the most effective liquid-cooled device for retail and business.

Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery

Build high-performance clusters for breaking passwords faster. Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery offers zero-overhead scalability and supports GPU acceleration for faster recovery.

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