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Faraday Bags


The OffGrid Faraday Bag provides top-of-the-line cybersecurity for mobile phones, laptop, wallets, credit cards, and passports. EDEC has been a reliable choice for law enforcement and government organizations for more than ten years.


Protecting crucial evidence that is essential for forensic investigations is important. By using an faraday bag, it is possible to prevent classified digital information from being remotely manipulated or deleted.

Faraday bag
Faraday bags
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Utility Bag Non-Window Kit: Includes mobile, tablet, and laptop sizes. ISOTech shielding protects devices from intrusion by cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, and radio signals, preventing hacking, tracking, or detection.

Utility Faraday Bag Non-Window Kit

Utility Faraday Bag Non-Window Kit

The OffGrid Duffel is built to withstand tough environments while keeping your gear and devices safe, secure, and protected.  We built multiple Faraday pockets into the bag, all constructed with our proprietary multi-layer shielding system and premium Faraday fabric.

Faraday bag

Faraday Duffel Bag

OffGrid Switch: wallet transforms into high-security phone case, cutting off signals (Cell, Bluetooth, GPS, Wifi) for electronic stealth. Wallet holds cash, cards, ID, protects against RFID skimming with metal-lined pockets.

Faraday bag switch wallet

OffGrid Switch Wallet

OffGrid Extract bags are meticulously crafted using our exclusive multi-layer shielding system, featuring a magnetic closure supported by a single-fold velcro seal. This combination creates a seamless closed loop, leaving no room for wireless signals to infiltrate through any potential gaps.

Extract Faraday bags

Extract Faraday Bag

The Utility Bag Window Kit includes one mobile, tablet, and laptop sized Window Utility Bag. These bags boast the same capabilities as the non-window Utility Bags, but feature a flexible, transparent window to provide direct operational access to the contained devices. Wireless devices of all sizes are safe from unwanted intrusion by cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, and radio signals with the ISOTech shielding system of the Non-Window Utility Bags. Every bag effectively isolates a device from any outside network so it cannot be hacked, tracked, or detected. 

Utility Faraday Bag Window Kit

Utility Faraday Bag Window Kit

The Standard Non-Window Utility Bag employs ISOTech shielding to protect cell phones and wireless devices from intrusion by cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, and radio signals, ensuring they cannot be hacked, tracked, or detected.

Utility Faraday Bag Non-Window

Utility Faraday Bag Non-Window

To safeguard the Faraday material from damage caused by friction and ensure longevity, every bag incorporates an additional fabric layer. Employing an OffGrid Key Fob Bag serves as an effective measure to deter potential thieves who may attempt to exploit keyless entry systems using signal amplifiers with the intent to unlawfully access your vehicle.

Faraday key fob bag

Faraday Key Fob Bag

Ensure the utmost security for your tiniest gadgets by employing a key fob Utility bag, which acts as a protective shield. With a OffGrid bag at your disposal, you can thwart potential security breaches by preventing thieves from capitalizing on signal amplifiers to exploit keyless entry systems and gain unauthorized access to your vehicle.

Utility key fob faraday bag

Utility Key Fob Faraday Bag

This innovative device effectively isolates its contents, disconnecting from various RF signals such as GPS, Wifi, Cellular, Bluetooth, and RFID across a broad range. The OffGrid Fold serves as your reliable companion for privacy—present when required and unobtrusive when unnecessary.

Faraday bags

OffGrid Fold Key Fob

The OffGrid Backpack takes device protection to new heights. Every backpack comes with integrated Faraday bags for Cell Phones, Key Fobs, Tablets, and Laptops, incorporating our exclusive multi-layer shielding system and high-quality Faraday fabric.

faraday bagpack

Faraday Backpack

Faraday bags feature sleek designs with stitch-less, thermo-welded seams and a magnetic, single-fold velcro closure. Lined with multiple layers of Faraday material, including a diamond ripstop fabric to prevent device abrasion.

Faraday bags

Faraday Bag

USB 3.0 Data Blocker Pro: Protects devices from viruses and unauthorized data transfers when connecting to untrusted USB ports. Ensures device and data safety from nonconsensual surveillance. Offers fast charging capabilities.

USB data blocker

USB 3.0 Data Blocker Pro

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