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  • Do you deal in Workstations?
    Yes, we started with Workstations some 13~14 years back. We have been providing the best Workstation out there (from Digital Intelligence, USA).
  • Do you undertake Corporate Assignments?
    Yes, we've been providing our DFIR services to many Corporate houses for several years now.
  • Do you provide Product Specific Training or Vendor Neutral Trainings?
    Cyint Technologies is a product based company, therefore, we mostly provide training for the Products we sell. Our trainers are well versed and certified in handling & using the tools we sell. We however, from time-to-time, organise Webinars or are invited to various forums for providing our insights & vendor-neutral trainings to the attendees.
  • We have taken Products from Cyint in the past, can we get a refresher training?"
    Yes, most certainly! Please contact us on +91 88600 68007 or shoot an email to with your requirements, we'll be glad to serve you again!

The contents of FAQ section has been drafted as Generic responses to most of the queries we receive. However, owing to various dynamic factors, some of the responses might change time to time. It's best to raise your queries to us directly and we would be happy to connect with you!

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