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Super imager

The SuperImager Plus 12" Rugged Portable Forensic Unit, designed to revolutionize forensic investigations. With dual operating systems—Linux for multitasking and Windows 10 for in-depth analysis—it offers a compact, travel-friendly design with a spacious 12" display. It delivers lightning-fast data transfer at 187GB per minute using NVMe technology, powered by the latest i7 CPU. Equipped with 2 NVMe U.2 ports, 2 SATA ports, 4 USB3.1 ports, and a Thunderbolt 3.0 port for 10GbE network connectivity, this unit is a game-changer for forensic professionals, providing exceptional performance and flexibility in a compact package. 

Forensic Imager
Super Imager Plus 12

It enables simultaneous Linux operations like imaging, hashing (MD5, SHA1, SHA2), encryption, compression, and network saving. In the Windows 10 environment, users can conduct comprehensive forensic analysis with third-party tools like EnCase, Nuix, Axiom, and extract data from multiple cellphones using Cellebrite, MASB, and more.

Super imager

SuperImager Plus in Action

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