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Write blocker

The UltraKit v5 is a compact package that includes a range of highly sought-after UltraBlock hardware write blockers, accompanied by connectors and adapters. This kit is designed for securely obtaining digital copies of hard drives or storage devices while preserving their integrity for forensic purposes. Just choose the suitable Write Protected UltraBlock, affix it to the source drive, and employ your personal computer to transfer a meticulously secured disk image to an internal drive or an externally linked drive enclosure.

Personalization of the UltraKit is achievable by opting for supplementary hardware write blockers or adapter kits according to your requirements.

Write Blocker
UltraKit v5

Eliminate uncertainty when selecting components for hardware-based forensic imaging with Digital Intelligence UltraKits. Available in single or multi-product configurations, each UltraKit includes the indispensable UltraBlock, necessary power supplies, and all essential power and signal cables. Multi-product UltraKits are housed in a rugged case, providing protection for fieldwork and travel. Additionally, individual UltraBlocks are available for standalone use when expanding your collection is required.

Write blocker

On-the-Go Solutions

Write Blocker UltraKit v5 Specification

IDE connectivity for small form factor drives can be added

Updrade includes:
2.5" IDE drive adapter
1.8" IDE drive adapter
ZIF drive adapter
IDE cable (2")
ZIF cables

(upgrade option)

UltraBlock FireWire
(upgrade option)

UltraBlock FireWire can be added or subsituted for another UltraBlock

Upgrade includes:
TDA7-9 PCIe Adapter for FireWire
9p - 9p cable
6p - 6p cable

UltraBlock SATA/IDE, UltraBlock PCIe, UltraBlock USB3

UltraBlock SAS can be added or substituted for another UltraBlock

Upgrade includes:
UltraBlock SAS write blocker
SAS Unified Power & Signal Cable


UltraBlock SAS
(upgrade option)

Media Reader

UltraBlock Forensic Card Reader

USB3 (2x)
PCIe (4")
IDE (8")
SATA signal
3M to Molex power
3M to SATA power


UltraBlock TP2 (2x)

6.4 kg

Kit Weight w/Case

16.75" x 11.2" x 6.1"
(43cm x 28cm x 16cm)

Case Dimensions

Power Supply

Watertight, crush proof, dust proof

Case Features

TDA7-2 M.2 SSD

TDA7-1 SSD card
TDA7-3 Apple SSD
TDA7-4 U.2 Cable Adapter
TDA7-7 PCIe SSD Apple 2016+


Cables and Adapters
(upgrade option)

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