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Forensic Imager TX1

The Forensic Imager TX1, equipped with a color touchscreen interface, offers forensic write blocking capabilities for IDE, SATA, SAS, USB3, and Firewire devices. Representing the most recent innovation from Tableau, it serves as a portable solution to avoid the need for transporting a forensic workstation to field locations. This network-ready, fully forensic imaging tool delivers exceptional performance for both local and network-based operations without any compromises.

Forensic Imager TX1

Forensic Imager TX1

The Forensic Imager TX1 sets the standard for next-generation Forensic Imaging - and it's easy to see why. One look and you will notice the stylish design of the TX1 that finally brings digital forensic products into the twenty-first century. It features a beautiful and intuitive user interface on a tablet-sized touch-screen, providing a delightful user experience. The TX1 is also a behemoth under the hood, making it the fastest and most powerful forensic imager on the market.

Versatile Write Blocking Capabilities

Forensic Imager TX1

1 : 1
1 : 2
1 : 3
2 : 2
parallel imaging
sequential imaging
logical (file system) imaging

Imaging Modes

USB3 (1)
iSCSI and CIFS (network shares)
SATA (2, with TX1-S1 module)

USB3 (1)
FireWire (1)
iSCSI and CIFS (network shares)
PCIe (1)
IDE (with PCIe adapter)

RJ45 10 Gb/s (1)

Device Input



Output File Types


Output File System

Forensic Clone
Forensic Image
Logical Image
Parallel Image and Clone
Concurrent Imaging
Job Queueing
User Admin
Blank Check
Hash (MD5, SHA1, SHA256)
Encryption Management
HPA/DCO/AMA (Detect, Shelve, or Remove)
Automated Acquisition (Image or Clone)
Pause and Resume Imaging
On-Screen Review of Image and Text Files
Display Detailed Disk Info
Display Disk Content Breakdown
Log Files (View, Save, Print, Delete)
Access, Preview, and Collect Network Shares
Browse Filesystem
Remote Access via Internet
Job Summary
Display S.M.A.R.T. Data
Lock System via PIN
Restore Drive (from TX1 image)

Key Functions

Device Output


Color touchscreen with status & device info
Soft keyboard for data entry and select

User Interface

DC Power
Network Status

Status LEDs

Status chimes
Activity LED

Job Feedback

Quickstart Guide
User Manual available online


Unified SAS/SATA power and signal (2)
8" PCIe
4" PCIe
USB3.1 Type A

Tableau TP6

Power Supply

Adapters and Protocol Modules

optional SATA LIF

optional microSATA

optional SATA Blade SSD

optional SATA to M.2/mSATA SSD

optional PCIe SSD Card

optional PCIe M.2 SSD

optional PCIe Apple (2013-2016) SSD

optional PCIe Apple (2016+) SSD

optional PCIe U.2 SSD

optional PCIe IDE

optional PCIe FireWire

Yes (keyboard not included)

USB Keyboard Support

Access TX1 remotely via Internet as iSCSI target
Review/acquire source connected media
Review/capture of data or files on source connected media

Network Preview / Collect

Unlocks Tableau encrypted source or destination
Detects/unlocks APFS, BitLocker, Opal encryption with correct passkey

Source Encryption

TX1 may be purchased separately or bundled in TX1 UltraKit

Miscellaneous Information

Whole disk destination drive
XTS-AES encryption with user-supplied password

Output Encryption

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