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ultrakit v5 with td4

The UltraKit v5 + TD4 forensic imaging package comprises the popular UltraBlock forensic bridges along with the newly introduced Tableau TD4 Forensic Duplicator. Additionally, the kit includes a range of adapters, connectors, and multiple power supplies to facilitate the acquisition of data from various hard drives and storage devices.


When utilizing the UltraBlock component, you simply need to opt for the appropriate write-protected UltraBlock bridge. This bridge is then connected to the source drive, enabling you to securely obtain a disk image. This image can be saved onto an internal drive or an externally connected drive enclosure using your desktop or laptop.


UltraKit + TD4
Forensic Imager

For the TD4 imaging process, there's no requirement for a separate computer connection. The TD4 duplicator offers support for forensic imaging of single SATA, SAS, USB, IDE, m.2/NVMe, U.2, or FireWire devices. It can duplicate data to a maximum of five destination devices. The TD4 functionality encompasses cloning (from disk to disk), imaging (from disk to file), and logical data collection from storage devices, in addition to various other features.

ultrakit v5 with td4

Efficient Imaging with the TD4 Duplicator

UltraKit v5 + TD4 Specification

IDE connectivity for small form factor drives can be added

Updrade includes:
2.5" IDE drive adapter
1.8" IDE drive adapter
ZIF drive adapter
IDE cable (2")
ZIF cables

(upgrade option)

UltraBlock FireWire
(upgrade option)

UltraBlock FireWire can be added or subsituted for another UltraBlock

Upgrade includes:
TDA7-9 PCIe Adapter for FireWire
9p - 9p cable
6p - 6p cable

UltraBlock SATA/IDE, UltraBlock PCIe, UltraBlock USB3

UltraBlock SAS can be added or substituted for another UltraBlock

Upgrade includes:
UltraBlock SAS write blocker
SAS Unified Power & Signal Cable


UltraBlock SAS
(upgrade option)

Tableau TD4

Forensic Imager

UltraBlock Forensic Card Reader

Media Reader

USB3 (2x)
USB-A to USB-C cable (2x)
PCIe (4")
IDE (8", 2x)
SATA signal (2x)
Unified SATA/SAS, mini-molex (3x)
3M to Molex power (2x)
3M to SATA power (2x)


UltraBlock TP2 (2x)
Tableau TP6

8.2 kg

Kit Weight w/Case

18" x 12.9" x 6.7"
(46cm x 33cm x 17cm)

Case Dimensions

Power Supply

Watertight, crush proof, dust proof

Case Features

TDA7-2 M.2 SSD

TDA7-1 SSD card
TDA7-3 Apple SSD
TDA7-4 U.2 Cable Adapter
TDA7-7 PCIe SSD Apple 2016+


Cables and Adapters
(upgrade option)

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