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Forensic Duplicator TD4

The recently introduced Tableau TD4 Forensic Duplicator provides examiners with the high-speed imaging required, paired with an easy-to-use and informative touch-screen interface. This compact device combines a wide range of capabilities within its small form-factor.

Forensic Duplicator TD4

The Tableau TD4 Forensic Duplicator is a compact and versatile tool for forensic experts. It features three write-blocked source ports (SATA/SAS, PCIe, USB 3.2 Type-C) and five destination ports (SATA x2, PCIe, USB 3.2 Type-C x2), with an additional USB Type-C accessory port for flexibility. Its user-friendly color touch-screen LCD enhances usability. The TD4 supports various forensic imaging technologies (SATA/SAS, USB, IDE, FireWire, m.2/NVMe) and allows hot-swapping of PCIe source and destination devices. It excels in single-device imaging, enabling data output to up to five destination devices simultaneously, streamlining the forensic investigation process.

Forensic Duplicator TD4

Simplified Data Acquisition

Forensic Duplicator TD4

USB3 (1)
USB3.2 Type-C (1)
PCIe (1)

Device Input

Single Drive Imaging
Up to Five (5) Output Devices
logical (file system) imaging

Imaging Modes

Device Output

SATA (2)
USB3.2 Type-C (2)
PCIe (1)


Output File Types


Output File System

Forensic Clone
Forensic Image
Parallel Image and Clone
Single Job Imaging
Lock Features via PIN
Blank Check
Hash (MD5, SHA1, SHA256)
Destination (output) Encryption
Detect Source Encryption
HPA/DCO/AMA (Detect, Shelve, or Remove)
Display Detailed Disk Info
Display Disk Content (Top Level)
Log Files (View, Save, Print, Delete)
Browse Filesystem
Job Summary
Lock System via PIN
Restore Drive (from TD4 image)

Key Functions

Quickstart Guide
User Manual available online


Unified SAS/SATA power and signal (2)
8" PCIe
4" PCIe
USB3.2 Type A to Type C
USB3.0 (Accessory) Type C


Tableau TP6

Power Supply

DC Power

Status LEDs

Color touchscreen with status & device info
Soft keyboard for data entry and select

Status chimes
Activity LED

User Interface

Job Feedback

Adapters and Protocol Modules

optional SATA LIF

optional microSATA

optional SATA Blade SSD

optional SATA to M.2/mSATA SSD

optional PCIe SSD Card

optional PCIe M.2 SSD

optional PCIe Apple (2013-2016) SSD

optional PCIe Apple (2016+) SSD

optional PCIe U.2 SSD

optional PCIe IDE

optional PCIe FireWire

Yes (keyboard not included)

USB Keyboard Support

Detects OPAL encryption

Source Encryption

TD4 may be purchased separately or bundled in TD4 UltraKit

Miscellaneous Information

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