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This is going to be our most exciting space!

With the addition of a Blog Page in our new website we now aim to share a lot of information and the latest updates and happening in the Digital Forensics World.

For starters, this is the 1st Blog post and it will talk about our Organisation, Cyint Technologies and the various facets of Digital Forensics in which Cyint is actively involved in for the last 12+ years.

What does Cyint Technologies do?

We are a leading Organisation with over 12 Years of Domain expertise in the field of Digital Forensics and we believe in much more than "Just selling the Tools". We have the best & certified team of experts which, on a daily basis, undertakes many assignments and provides all the possible assistance to our Customers from various reputed Government Organisations.

More on this later...

Interesting Fact:

We are available on GeM Portal and are fully verified and audited reseller.

For any Digital Forensics' requirement we can be reached at:



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