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CFSL Chandigarh breaks locked iPhone 6 using Passware Kit Mobile.

Central Forensic Science Laboratory Chandigarh, one of our prestigious customer, trusted the solution when we approached them with our Pocket-friendly & out-of-the-box solution for breaking & decrypting data from a range of Mobile phones.

CFSL, being such a premier organisation, is consulted on a regular basis from pan India LEAs on many fronts. Recently in one such case, CFSL Chandigarh successfully cracked one iPhone 6 using the solution provided by Cyint Technologies to them.

They were able to get iPhone's 6-Digit Lock Code, Complete & Decrypted Physical Dump and Decrypted Keychain from the phone successfully.

Later on, they took the Physical dump obtained and processed it using a leading Analysis software and they were overwhelmed with the amount of data which was parsed and provided to them by the Analysis software in a well formatted way.

We are hopeful that, they will be able to break more such mission critical iPhones in Locked condition.

We wish that the highly skilled workforce of CFSL Chandigarh keep on leading the way with their positive and never-say-no approach.


Passware Kit Mobile - The Solution!

Passware, Founded in 1998, is the worldwide leading maker of password recovery and e-Discovery software. They are world renowned for their solutions namely Passware Kit Forensic and the hardware solution named Decryptum which they have jointly produced with Comino.

In June 2021, Passware came up with a new solution namely Passware Kit Mobile and changed the whole dynamics of this field. Their solution is very economically priced and doesn't burn a hole in the pocket!

Currently, Passware is even offering a Trial of 5 successful unlocks. The trial and full licence is available with Cyint Technologies who is also a preferred partner of Passware in India.

You can drop-in your request via our website or contact us at +91 - 88600 68007 or for all your DFIR needs.


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