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The New Digital Intelligence UltraBay 3 and UltraBay 3d

Twice as Fast as the UltraBay II With Speeds Up to 15.4GB Per Minute

X79 Express and C602 Chipsets Standard in FRED Systems

Digital Intelligence Maintains its Lead in Forensic Workstation Performance

FRED i7 and Dual Xeon Systems have been updated to the Latest Chipsets


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Services  :  Digital Forensic Examination

Today's society relies heavily on computers and the internet to accomplish everyday tasks, which includes practically everything from communicating and shopping online to banking and investing. Lot of Corporate Accounts are maintained on Systems and shared digitally on Intranet.

Terrorists using Digital Communication medium for sharing information across the borders. It is much more common to send or receive an email than a physical letter.

Along with the increasing use of computers and the internet, comes a requirement to handle computer crime, cyber crime, cyber terrorism and investigate digital frauds. It is becoming extremely crucial for law enforcement officers and digital forensic examiners to understand computer systems and be able to examine them efficiently and effectively with effective tools.

We provide active/ passive Support to handle such cases in our Forensic Lab located in New Delhi and also assist Government Organisations at their site or at remote locations. All this is undertaken under highly qualified and skilled Manpower with highly sophisticated and internationally adapted & proven Products.

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Note :- Most of the Products and Services offered by us are meant for Government, Defence and Law Enforcement Organisations which are required to be used in Ethical manner for National Interest. Usage of Products should be as per the Local Government Regulation/ Norms.


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