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The New Digital Intelligence UltraBay 3 and UltraBay 3d

Twice as Fast as the UltraBay II With Speeds Up to 15.4GB Per Minute

X79 Express and C602 Chipsets Standard in FRED Systems

Digital Intelligence Maintains its Lead in Forensic Workstation Performance

FRED i7 and Dual Xeon Systems have been updated to the Latest Chipsets


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Services  :  De-Bugging Services

We provide Technical Surveillance Counter Measures/ De-Bugging Service which includes all countermeasures employed to prevent or detect the interception of sensitive, classified, or private information. De-bugging is typically an inspection by a technician or engineer of a physical item or place (briefcase, automobile, office, home, hotel, etc...). The purpose is to locate possible covert surveillance devices (bugs), technical security weakness, and technical security hazards.

  Process includes

Detection - Measures taken to detect technical surveillance devices, technical security hazards, and physical security weaknesses that would permit the technical or physical penetration of a facility.

A technical surveillance device is a item designed to intercept conversations or electronic transmissions and are commonly known as "bugs."

A technical security hazard may allow the unintentional transmission of information, and is any condition which could permit the technical surveillance of an area. This condition may occur with equipment due to its normal design, installation, operation, maintenance, component deterioration, or damaged condition.

For example, some telephones have the ability to pass audio even when hung up.

Nullification - The process of neutralizing or negating technical devices employed by making the placement of such devices more difficult. This includes ensuring that a room is protected with adequate physical construction and security measures thus making the placement or use of illegal listening devices ineffective.

Isolation - A method to deter, or make extremely difficult, the introduction of a eavesdropping device by establishing special areas, security areas, or SCIF's for the conduct of classified or sensitive activities.

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Note :- Most of the Products and Services offered by us are meant for Government, Defence and Law Enforcement Organisations which are required to be used in Ethical manner for National Interest. Usage of Products should be as per the Local Government Regulation/ Norms.


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